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Coffees (Green, Roasted and Ground) and Teas (Including Blends)

Coffees (Green, Roasted and Ground) and Teas (Including Blends)

Friable Food Products

Food Products
Bacon bits
Baking soda
Beans: Azuki
Beans: Cocoa
Beans: Fava
Beans: Kidney
Beans: Lentils
Beans: Lima
Beans: Pinto
Beans: Soybeans
Blended products
Brewery yeast
Cereal: Dried fruit
Cereal: Flakes
Cereal: Formed shapes
Cereal: Grains
Coffee: Blended
Coffee: Freeze dried
Coffee: Green beans
Coffee: Ground
Coffee: Instant
Coffee: Roasted
Coffee: Whole bean
Corn starch
Dried fruit: Apples
Dried fruit: Apricots
Dried fruit: Bananas
Dried fruit: Cranberries
Dried fruit: Pineapple
Dried fruit: Plums
Dried fruit: Raisins
Frozen: Blueberries
Frozen: Broccoli
Frozen: Carrots
Frozen: Cauliflower
Frozen: Cherries
Frozen: Corn
Frozen: Green beans
Frozen: Peas
Frozen: Strawberries
Grains: Barley
Grains: Corn
Grains: Oats
Grains: Rice
Grains: Wheat
Monosodium glutamate
Nuts: Almonds
Nuts: Brazil nuts
Nuts: Cashews
Nuts: Filberts
Nuts: Macadamia
Nuts: Peanuts
Nuts: Pecans
Nuts: Pistachios
Nuts: Walnuts
Pasta in many forms
Peas: Black eyed
Peas: Chickpeas
Peas: Dixie Lee
Peas: Snap peas
Peas: Split peas
Peas: Sweet peas
Peas: Yellow peas
Pet foods: Chunks
Pet foods: Formed shapes
Pet foods: Kibble
Pet foods: Pellets
Seeds: Bird seed
Seeds: Carrot seed
Seeds: Cottonseed
Seeds: Dill seed
Seeds: Flax seed
Seeds: Grass seed
Seeds: Mustard seed
Seeds: Pepper seed
Seeds: Sesame seed
Seeds: Tomato seed
Snack foods
Spices: Basil
Spices: Chives
Spices: Cinnamon
Spices: Coriander
Spices: Cumin
Spices: Garlic
Spices: Ginger
Spices: Marjoram
Spices: Mint
Spices: Nutmeg
Spices: Oregano
Spices: Paprika
Spices: Parsley
Spices: Pepper
Spices: Rosemary
Spices: Saffron
Spices: Sage
Spices: Thyme
Spices: Vanilla
Teas: Black tea
Teas: Green tea
Teas: Oolong tea
Teas: White tea
Teas: Yellow tea

Friable Non-Food Products

Non-Food Products
Aluminum oxide
Boric acid
Carbon black prills
Cat litter
Cellulose flock
Chopped fiberglass
Detergent powder
Diatomaceous earth
Glass microspheres
Granular pesticides
Ground rubber
Kaolin clay
Limestone pellets
Metal powder
Plastic pellets
Rubber chunks
Shredded paper
Silica sand
Smokeless tobacco
Sodium bentonite
Urea prills
Water softener pellets
Wax pastilles
Wood pellets and chips